Projects below span product design, studio art, and film production

technicolor toilet

Challenge: For a sculpture course, I was tasked with (1) taking a photograph of an ordinary object, (2) recreating the scene using cardboard and construction paper, and (3) taking a photograph of the sculpture -- in essence, recreating the original photograph.

Process: I chose the restroom of a local gym. Given the restroom's naturally grey shades, I decided on a "technicolor" approach, essentially saturation with brightly colored construction paper.  To recreate the shadows in the original photograph, I used two overhead light sources, mimicking side-by-side nature of stalls.

Result: The original photograph and the photograph of the 2-foot model, side by side.

Skills: photography, sculpture

Life-size music box figurine

Challenge: For a sculpture class, I was tasked to create a piece which showcases the movement of the human form.

Process: I wanted to create an interactive experience that would be different each time, depending on the audience. Using my childhood for inspiration, I was struck by the concept of wind-up music box figurines which often represent childhood dreams and aspirations (e.g., ballerinas).  I decided to create a life-size wind-up platform with which an audience member could interact. Stepping on the platform, one could be anyone they wished to be. I used handsaws and electric saws to shape wooden plywood pieces. I also created a internal hub-and-spoke structure that could support the body weight of an adult human.

Result: Plywood and metal sculpture

Skills: woodworking, sculpture, performance art

"Passenger" music video

Challenge: To promote the release of my album, I wanted to create a music video for one of the singles, "Passenger." The song speaks of traveling through life's adventures, both extraordinary and ordinary, side by side with the one you love.

Process: I worked with Director Ace Salvador and a film crew to develop the creative concept and storyboard. I wanted to achieve a whimsical aesthetic reminiscent of Wes Anderson. The idea was to create a story where the characters could explore a series of fantastical worlds, from dancing through a star-filled galaxy on a beach to exploring a floating art gallery.

Result: We shot the video over 3 days across 4 locations in Southern California, edited and added special effects, and released it on YouTube in 2015.

Skills: Film production, storyboarding, production design, location scouting

Cable Collector

Challenge: For a Product Design course, we were tasked with developing a prototype that addresses a student need

Process: My team and I focused on the need for a desktop solution that would store cables and keep them untangled. We prioritized customer desires for portability, space efficiency, aesthetics, and fun.

Result: Inspired by LEGOs, we built two stackable prototypes, circular and rectangular, which included a retractable mechanism for ease of access. We also built a cost model based on estimated cost drivers and unit retail price.

Skills: user research, prototyping, marketing, cost modeling