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Hi! Thanks for visiting my website.

I'm currently a student in the Wharton MBA program and formerly a management consultant with experience in strategy, startup operations, product marketing, and organization design. I am also a performing singer-songwriter who has released an original album and music videos.

I am driven by my passion and interest in art, design, business, and immersive technologies (AR/VR). My goal is to tell stories that educate, build empathy, and spark the imagination.

At school, I dedicate my time to a number of organizations, including serving on the Board for PennImmersive and the Wharton Innovation & Design Club. I am also a Leadership Fellow and co-President of the Public Speaking Club, where I help mentor, coach, and play facilitator for peers in their personal and professional development journeys.

Want to get in touch? Email me at or find me on LinkedIn.

A bit more about me

I wrote my first poem when I was eight years old, in 3rd grade science class. It was about the birds and the bees (quite literally; we were learning about ecosystems). Around this time, I also began taking classical piano lessons and fell in love with the instrument.

At thirteen, I wrote my first song with lyrics – about a boy. Yet, throughout high school, I considered myself a classical pianist interpreting someone else's work, not a singer-songwriter.

It was college that gave me the opportunity to take risks and explore new possibilities. After a debut performance at Stanford’s freshman year talent show, I realized that telling stories through music brought a lot of joy to me  – and to other people. I began to write and perform more, eventually earning the opportunity to open for 8-time Grammy-nominated R&B artist Jazmine Sullivan.

At the Stanford freshman "Fro Show."

At the Stanford freshman "Fro Show."

At the House of Blues in Hollywood. Photo by Lesley Park for LA Music Blog.

At the House of Blues in Hollywood. Photo by Lesley Park for LA Music Blog.

After college, I continued to pursue music while working as a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Los Angeles, playing everything from small scrappy gigs to corporate galas and historic venues like the House of Blues. There were many lows and humbling moments. But there were also highs and serendipitous moments, like the time I placed as a Top 5 Finalist in an international songwriting competition.

The inspirations for my album are eclectic.  Lyrical influences include Bon Iver, Sara Bareilles, T.S. Eliot, Maya Angelou, and late night instant message conversations. Compositional heroes include Chopin, Debussy, and Hans Zimmer. I adore puns, probably too much.  A music blog once described me as having "Broadway-ready vocals and knack for poetically cerebral yet quirky lyrics." Over the years, I have embraced my classical and acoustic roots while experimenting with more modern electronic sounds -- and occasionally, even rap.


While music and lyrics remain dear to my heart, it was producing the "Passenger" music video that gave me my first taste of a multi-sensory production. In the video, I played one of two characters exploring a series of fantastical worlds, from dancing through a star-filled galaxy on a beach to exploring a floating art gallery. I loved the magic of adding camera direction, set design, and digital effects to immerse the viewer into a story, a game, a journey, an adventure.

Throughout my life I have gathered a hodge-podge collection of interests, from Super Mario World to Cirque du Soleil to escape rooms. I realized that, as vastly different as they may seem, they are all united by common elements: sensory immersion in a different universe, a compelling narrative, and a shared social experience.

Immersive technologies magnify these elements exponentially. Among my most vivid recent experiences: I embodied a dancing amoeba in an evolutionary journey over several billion years, and I glimpsed the set of stark choices that a journalist might make while being interrogated by an oppressive regime.

On set for the production of "Passenger."

On set for the production of "Passenger."

Keeping room in my heart for the unimaginable. A still from "Passenger."

Keeping room in my heart for the unimaginable. A still from "Passenger."

I want to keep telling stories and keep exploring new possibilities. I am fascinated by the ways in which AR and VR are being applied, across industries and businesses.

As I reflect upon our current times and look forward, I truly believe in the potential of immersive technologies to educate, empathize, inspire, and delight -- and ultimately, to enrich our stories and change our realities for good.

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